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Envelope Printing

Envelope Printing With More Options!

Peel & Seal: now available for #10 and #10 window plus 6x9, 9x12 and 10x13 Catalog envelopes

Security Tint: available for #10 and #10 window

Back Flap Printing: now available for A6, A7, #9 and #10 sizes

Envelope Printing Details:

  • Our premium opaque envelope stock is available for A6, A7, #9 and #10 sizes.  This premium stock exactly matches our 70# uncoated text Letterhead and 14pt uncoated business card and presentation folders.   
  • Reference our templates for information on required clear design areas required for production.
  • Ask about our custom Direct Mailing Services. We can insert, address and mail your inserts and envelopes to your customer list.



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Envelope Printing

Whenever you send something to your customers, you should add a professional touch by using envelope printing.

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A printed envelope enhances and reinforces your brand image.  It conveys a professional and uniform look to your business correspondence, and greatly increases the chance that your customer will read what’s inside.

A big advantage is that one envelope printing project will produce envelopes that you can use with virtually any marketing campaign. Here are some suggestions for ways to use your marketing envelopes:

  • Send special offers to customers
  • Send coupons to loyal customers
  • Send personalized letters in envelopes to really drive home your marketing message

Want to increase the chances of customers opening your direct mail? Envelope printing that includes your logo and corporate identity is proven to dramatically improve read rate of direct mail. Customers are constantly flooded with junk mail which means you need a way to make sure your mail can be identified quickly and easily. Whether you are advertise through direct mail or simply need to communicate with your current customers, keep these envelope printing principles in mind.

No single image or design embodies your brand like a logo. Include your logo in the upper left hand corner of the design or along the right side of the envelope. A recent trend is to use the logo like a watermark - faded and extending across the face of the envelope.

Contact information
Besides an address, always include a phone number as this gives customers a direct line to your staff. If you have separate campaigns, you should consider separate contact information for each campaign instead of a generic, corporate contact address.

Full color
When you really need to get attention, take advantage of the full color printing. Envelope printing can be an incredibly inexpensive method of brand reinforcement, so be sure to include company colors.

Bulk printing
The best way to save money is to print bulk. While that may seem counter intuitive, you will see dramatic cost efficiencies with around 2000 envelopes. Since your business is not likely to move any time soon, you cannot print too many envelopes anyway. Explore pricing with’s easy to use form and see how even doubling your order may only result in a 10% increase in the price!

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Inserting can be added offline through Mailing Services.

A6, A7, #9, #10 and 6x9 Booklet envelopes can be inserted via machine.

6x9 Catalog, 9x12 and 10x13 envelopes require inserting by hand and thus require additional production time. 

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