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Top 10 things to bring to an outdoor concert

Spring is in the air which means it’s time to slather  some sunscreen and enjoy good music at outdoor concerts. Whether you like rock, pop, country or jazz music, outdoor concerts are a great way to have fun in the sun. There are regular free concerts in the park or other big outdoor concerts like the Lollapalooza in Chicago, or Stern Grove music festival in San Francisco that you can go to. You can have a great time at these concerts if you plan ahead and pack all the necessary things. Here is a list of ten things that you should bring to an outdoor concert:

  1. Money: It’s never a bad idea to carry some extra cash with you. You might need it to buy food/drinks/tickets, as most vendors at the concerts accept only cash.
  2. Water and other sports drinks: It’s important to stay hydrated at these outdoor concerts as it tends to get hot and humid. But not all outdoor concerts allow you to bring your own food and water. So check with the organizers beforehand.
  3. Snacks/cereal bars: Food at the concerts is typically pricey. If the concerts have relaxed refreshments rule, carry some pretzels, cereal bars and chips. Make sure not to carry foods that would spoil easily.
  4. Hand Sanitizers/wipes: Hand sanitizers are useful to wipe away sticky food and other residue saving you a trek to the restroom.
  5. Camera: A camera is a must have to capture all the fun moments at a concert. Some concerts have restrictions on bringing cameras or even the kind of camera you can take. If you are worried about taking your Nikon D60 SLR camera or other expensive cameras, then it’s best to carry a disposable camera.
  6. Sun block/sunscreen: While outdoor concerts can be fun, it can get really hot and sweaty. Carry a sun block or sunscreen and lather up to avoid getting sun burnt.
  7. Binoculars: You might not always get the best spot at an outdoor concert. Binoculars let you take a closer look at your favorite musicians or artists from further behind.
  8. Foldable chairs/blanket: It’s nice to have the option to sit or lie down and enjoy good music. Almost all concerts allow you to bring a blanket but they might have restrictions on foldable chairs. I personally prefer a blanket as it’s easier to carry around. And I get to lounge and listen to my favorite tunes.
  9. Ice chest cooler: An ice chest cooler is ideal to keep your drinks/food cold. Consider a  cooler with wheels as it’s easier to lug it around.
  10. Outdoor backpacks: Outdoor backpacks are the practical solution to carrying a host of things from water and food to blankets and cameras. They are easy on your back and convenient to carry around.


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