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The City of Bowmanville

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Bowmanville is a great place to live because it has much to offer, from its rich past, busy businesses, and lively culture.



The Bowmanville neighborhood is wonderfully placed between the two busy GTA (Greater Toronto Area) cities, just east of Toronto and west of Oshawa. 



This makes it a great choice for people who want to get to both easily. Aside from that, it’s a great place to start experiencing the rest of Durham.


There are both old and new homes in the Bowmanville area. The styles of the homes range from Victorian to bungalow to townhouse. 



The prices of homes are also fair, and there are many conveniences nearby. One of the best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area is Bowmanville, which has a diverse population, a friendly vibe, and an easy-to-reach location.



Bowmanville’s liveability and lifestyle


Bowmanville is the perfect small town for living and having a great time. Welcome to the neighborhood! This beautiful neighborhood is great for families, working workers, and others because it has a high quality of life and many services and attractions that are close by. 



The crime rate in Bowmanville is very low. The cost of living is also reasonable, and there are many job opportunities because it’s close to big cities like Toronto, Ajax, and Oshawa. 



Pet owners can enjoy a great quality of life in Bowmanville because some many parks and walks are safe for their furry friends. This neighborhood has an overall livability score of 8.5/10. Let’s look at its lifestyle and livability ranking.



Bowmanville’s Area and Life Index


Bowmanville is a lovely area where people really care about each other. Most households make $87,353 a year, and the jobless rate is only 4.2%, making the city a great place for families.


With an average involvement rate of 57.4% of the population, Bowmanville’s people are very involved in their community and work.



Bowmanville is part of the region’s world mix, which brings new people and their cultural traditions. 49.8% of the people living in Canada were born somewhere else, and 36.3% of them were born in Asia.


English is the main language spoken in Bowmanville, Durham. People who live in the area also know French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese, to name a few.



Things to Do and Places to Visit in Bowmanville


Bowmanville is packed full of amazing things to do and places to see. When you go on holiday next, here are some of the best things to do and see in Bowmanville:



The Bowmanville Zoo

The Bowmanville Zoo has a wide range of animals that will amaze anyone who loves animals. Check out the beautiful zebras, giraffes, monkeys, Bengal tigers, and more! The zoo works to protect species and plants around the world through teaching and conservation.



Gardens and fields in Clarington

Another well-known spot in Bowmanville is Clarington Fields and Gardens. Every month of the year, there are family-friendly events and fields there.


You can spend the day exploring all that Canada has to offer in this 140-acre area, which has fresh veggies, farmers’ markets, horseback riding, corn mazes, and more.



The Bowmanville Museum

The Bowmanville Museum, which is in Historic Downtown Bowmanville, is a fun and educational place to learn more about the town’s history, culture, and impact. The museum is run by volunteers who also put on special educational and participatory events and tell stories.



North Darlington Provincial Park:

You can swim in the water, fish, watch birds, have a picnic, and play at Darlington Provincial Park. This beautiful park has many trails and things to do, so people can discover and enjoy nature’s beauty.



Bowmanville’s Old Town Centre: If you are interested in history, you should walk through Bowmanville’s Historic Downtown and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the bright lights and quirky street sellers. Don’t forget to try fish and chips, ice cream places, and popular pubs in the area!



What to Do in Bowmanville:

You can feel like you’re going back in time as you look at the classic designs of old buildings, walk along King Street, learn about its past, or enjoy the beautiful Bowmanville Valley.


After a hearty meal at one of the nearby restaurants serving fresh fish and other tasty foods, stroll along the water to unwind.


People who like to take risks can do many different things, like mountain riding and kayaking on Lake Ontario. Bowmanville is always a great place to visit no matter how often you’ve been.




No other place in Ontario compares to Bowmanville for shopping! Walk down King Street and check out Luv N’Style, Teaopia, and The Lovely Boutique. Go to Mojo, Closetology, and Mosman’s to get a trendy outfit.


Linens N Things, Greige Home, and Home Sense all have stylish things you can buy for your home. The Bowmanville shops are where you can do all of your shopping in one place.



Nightlife in Bowmanville 

Bowmanville is a great place to check out the nightlife. Bowmanville has become a popular place for nightlife because it has some of the best bars and clubs in the area.


Check out places like the Grand Vibe Restaurant & Lounge, the Mardi Gras Pub & Nightclub, and the DNA Nightclub, where people like to party. Get ready for a night you’ll never forget when you visit Bowmanville!



Transit to get to popular spots:

Find out how far and how long it takes to get from Bowmanville to major transit-served areas. This information will help you plan your next trip or commute.

  • Distance from Airport: It only takes 44 minutes to drive from Toronto Pearson International Airport to Bowmanville, which is 69 km away. Taking the 401 West and the 427 South would get you to the airport the fastest.
  • Distance from Bowmanville Station: There is a 23-minute drive between Bowmanville Station and the city heart if you want to take the train. The best ways to get there are via 401 East and HW-2/Hwy 401.
  • Distance from the Bus Terminus: The Oshawa Bus Terminal is only 12 km from the Bowmanville site. This makes the 22-minute drive very quick and easy. 401 East is the fastest way to get there.
  • Distance from Major Connecting Road: Major connecting roads like Highway 401 (Canada’s oldest highway), Highway 2, and Highway 401A are only minutes away from Bowmanville. The Bowmanville location is close to these important highways and can be reached in just 17 minutes by car from the 401, 28 minutes by car from the 2, and 21 minutes by car from the 401A.


Popular Markets Places in Bowmanville

You’ll always get the best from Bowmanville shops, no matter which market or seller you pick. Get out there and check out all the tasty food choices at Bowmanville’s markets!



Bowmanville Market 

People love this market because it has fresh food, local sellers, and great deals. The Farm Stand is a favorite among both locals and tourists because of its friendly staff and unique range.



Farm Stand

can buy food at this cute farm stand that a family runs and also help a good cause. This is a great place to get fresh food because they have a lot of different fruits and vegetables.



The Green Store

This grocery store is owned by people in the area and has a huge range of organic, sustainably grown food and goods made in the area. They are a star in Bowmanville’s natural food scene because they care about quality, affordability, and sustainability.



The Meat Market

People who don’t eat veggie food love this old-fashioned butcher shop in Bowmanville. They have everything you could want, from steak to ground beef.



Bowmanville Demographics 

Bowmanville has both the city’s conveniences and the country’s beauty. People from all walks of life live in this town, which makes it a great place to live.


It is a great place to live because it has great schools, health care, transportation, and social services. People worldwide live in Bowmanville, which makes the town’s culture even more diverse.



Bowmanville Family Activities for Kids and Pets

In Bowmanville, there are lots of fun things to do with your family and pet, whether you live there or are just going through. One of the best things to do with kids and dogs in Bowmanville is to check out Darlington Provincial Park. 



The park is great for walks, horseback riding, or riding bikes. There are also a lot of fun playgrounds for kids of all ages. If you want to do something fun with your dog in Bowmanville, there are several places that allow them. 



Get your hands dirty at Maddox Creek Dog Park or the Bowmanville Zoo with some friends from the area. If you’re interested in cars and want to learn more, visit the Canadian Automotive Museum. 



People who go to the Bowmanville Museum can look at more than seventy restored and original cars and interact with several fun and educational displays to learn about the past of cars. Our last suggestion for a day trip is the yearly Bowmanville Summerfest. 



People can enjoy the event, which happens every June, and is free to enter, which is a great chance to learn more about the city’s rich cultural history and try some of the available delicious food. So, Bowmanville has everything you need for fun things to do with your family!



Average Cost of Living in Bowmanville


It can be surprisingly cheap to live in Bowmanville. With energy bills that aren’t too high and rent prices that are lower than the provincial average, you can live comfortably without exceeding your budget. 



You can get a lot for your money in the Bowmanville neighborhood if you plan ahead and stick to your budget. Check out this quick list of how much it costs to live in Bowmanville.



Category The average cost of living in Bowmanville
Avg. Rent: $1070
Utilities: $166.59 (Basic); $0.87 (for mobile pre-paid tariff)
Transportation: $1.08 (for gasoline/litre); $3.37 (for a taxi)
Clothing: $65.65 (for branded jeans); $ 29.92 (for branded summer dresses); $83.47 (for branded running shoes)
Grocery: $2.41 (for milk); $1.76 (for bread); $3.75 (for eggs)
Dining Out: $15.21 (for pocket-friendly eateries)
Child Care: $897.89 (pre-school/kindergarten)


Real Estate Housing Market of Bowmanville

Bowmanville is a busy city in the Greater Toronto Area that has a wide range of homes for sale. It is known for having historic houses and real estate that isn’t too expensive.


You can choose from different types of living, such as townhouses, condos, semi-detached homes, and detached homes. 



In terms of Bowmanville real estate trends, homes that were built more recently are becoming more and more popular. The sizes of lots vary, but most are between 0.2 and 0.4 acres (0.8 and 1.6 hectares). 



Each type of housing has a range of normal unit sizes, from 600 to 5,000 square feet. Square Yards can help you find the newest homes for sale in Bowmanville, whether you’re looking for a single-family home, a townhouse, an apartment, or even a big lot. Your family can also enjoy Bowmanville City to the fullest.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bowmanville:



Q1: What makes Bowmanville a desirable place to live?
A: Bowmanville is a great place to live due to its rich history, diverse housing options, low crime rate, and convenient location between Toronto and Oshawa.



Q2: What types of homes are available in Bowmanville?
A: Bowmanville offers a variety of homes, including Victorian, bungalow, and townhouse styles. There are both old and new homes, and prices are fair with many nearby conveniences.



Q3: What is the overall livability score of Bowmanville?
A: Bowmanville has an overall livability score of 8.5/10, thanks to its high quality of life, low crime rate, and proximity to job opportunities in nearby cities.



Q4: What are some popular attractions in Bowmanville?
A: Some popular attractions include the Bowmanville Zoo, Clarington Fields and Gardens, the Bowmanville Museum, North Darlington Provincial Park, and the Historic Downtown area.



Q5: How is the nightlife in Bowmanville?
A: Bowmanville has a vibrant nightlife with popular spots like Grand Vibe Restaurant & Lounge, Mardi Gras Pub & Nightclub, and DNA Nightclub offering a memorable experience.



Q6: How accessible is Bowmanville to major transit spots?
A: Bowmanville is well-connected, with a 44-minute drive to Toronto Pearson International Airport, a 23-minute drive to Bowmanville Station, and a 22-minute drive to Oshawa Bus Terminal.



Q7: What are some recommended shopping places in Bowmanville?
A: King Street hosts various shops like Luv N’Style, Teaopia, and The Lovely Boutique. Mojo, Closetology, and Mosman’s offer trendy outfits, while Linens N Things, Greige Home, and Home Sense provide stylish home goods.



Q8: How diverse is Bowmanville’s population?
A: Bowmanville is part of the region’s diverse mix, with 49.8% of residents born outside Canada. English is the main language, but many residents also speak French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese.



Q9: What family activities are available in Bowmanville?
A: Bowmanville offers family-friendly activities like exploring Darlington Provincial Park, visiting the Canadian Automotive Museum, and attending the annual Bowmanville Summerfest.



Q10: What is the average cost of living in Bowmanville?
A: The average cost of living includes $1070 for rent, $166.59 for basic utilities, $1.08 for gasoline/litre, and $15.21 for dining out in pocket-friendly eateries.



Q11: How is the real estate market in Bowmanville?
A: Bowmanville’s real estate market is diverse, offering historic and newer homes. Recent trends show a growing popularity of more recently built homes with varying lot sizes.



Q12: Is there public transportation available in Bowmanville?
A: Yes, Bowmanville is accessible by public transportation, with a 23-minute drive to Bowmanville Station and a 22-minute drive to Oshawa Bus Terminal.


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